Buddha Bowl Organic Popcorn Oh My Ghee - 5 oz.

by Lesser Evil

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177165 UPC # 855469006670 Brand Lesser Evil Size/Form 5 oz. Ship Weight 0.35 Lb(s) Dosage 1 oz. DESCRIPTION Lesser Evil - Buddha Bowl Organic Popcorn Oh My Ghee - 5 oz. (140g)Lesser Evil Buddha Bowl Organic Popcorn Oh My Ghee is the first organic popcorn made with organic grass fed ghee. Provided by their friends at 4th &, Heart, this clarified butter comes all the way from New Zealand. It has an amazing, unique, silky and smooth flavor and is much easier on the digestive system than butter. Its kosher, gluten free and is a full serving of whole grains. This unique popcorn is one for the ages and will delight all buttery popcorn lovers. Organic, Gluten Free, Kosher Cholesterol Free, Good Source of Fiber Whole Grain, Non-GMO Buddha BowlIf you have heard of Buddha bowls you know the ingredients you are meant to put in them are healthy and beautiful. Like in a Buddha Bowl we only wanted to put healthy and beautiful things in their popcorn bags. Their popcorn is special because it's earth friendly (it's organic), so it's free of many of the chemical residues that exist on convention popping corn. Also, they air pop only the most tender kernels so they don't add unwanted fat and calories. They then use either coconut, avocado oil or ghee. The oils are cold pressed without heat or chemicals keeping the essential nutrients intact. They then dust with Himalayan salt which we think is the purest form of salt available. They think you will like the ingredients they use. Well BeingEvery aspect of your life affects your well being, including the food choices you make. They provide healthy snack options for your journey and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of your physical health is an excellent first step to taking care of other areas of your life. This starts with being mindful of what you put in your body. And getting the most out of the choices you make. OrganicThey try to keep all the bad stuff out: pesticides, chemical fertilizers and additives. They source organic whenever possible. Organic food contributes to a healthier environment for all of us. Empty Calorie Free.The obesity problem in the U.S is caused by many snack foods using inexpensive ingredients with little nutritional value. Their snack foods use only the best, clean ingredients with solid nutritional properties. They provide fiber, protein, omega 3's and anti-oxidants in their awesome snacks. Every LesserEvil snack is Gluten-Free. They're free of all the major allergens, and they stay away from maltodextrin, yeast extract, refined sugar.About Lesser EvilWhat started as an idea to make innovative and tasty snack foods with healthier ingredients in 2004 has become a mission to be the first snack food company in the chip aisle that are actually good for you. There are lots of other companies that espouse products with 'better for you' claims but still don't provide real nutritional value. In their eyes 'better for you' doesn't mean 'good for you'. Let's put the ingredients on the bag. They use black beans and organic popcorn as bases. They believe in non-genetically sourced materials and have moved towards sourcing as much organic material as possible. They are also moving away from refined sugar and believe in lower glycemic nutrition. Health comes from the inside out and sharing quality natural foods that taste good should be a decision available to everyone.


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