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BUD LIGHT LIME 6% & 8% Alcohol
Bud Light

BUD LIGHT LIME 6% & 8% Alcohol


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5 / 5
Bud light lime is so refreshing in the summer . I usually just drink regular beer but this is my fav when I want to change it up.
4 / 5
not the biggest fan of these, they have a weird aftertaste but this company makes other great flavors
2 / 5
I was not much of a fan of these. I didn’t find much lime flavor to them. I expected it to be somewhat like a Corona with lime, but the flavor wasn’t strong enough to me.


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Are they good yes or no?
What is the aroma and taste like? Is this for personal celebration or party celebration vibes? Worth the price? How does it make you feel? Do you make cocktails with this? How do you make it? Any hangovers? How do you get rid of hangover symptoms? How does it Compare to other brands you’ve tried, good or bad? 1-10 rating? Where did you find this?
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