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BROWFOOD Phyto-Medic Eyebrow Enhancer

BROWFOOD Phyto-Medic Eyebrow Enhancer


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Gave this a try after a friend recommended it. I haven't seen a noticeable difference in my brows or lashes after using these growth serums. For the price I am disappointed
I’ve used it previously and didn’t notice too much of a difference, I didn’t use it consistently but even then when the bottle was done, I didn’t really notice anything different. I’ve tired probably almost 10 diff lash serums and the gold one is the best one I’ve tried.
Tried this actually works I’m shocked that’s so good and amazing I’m just still shocked
Have you used this and did it help fill in sparse eyebrows?
Do I apply this to the underside of my lashes (like mascara) or on top (like liner)?
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I have been using Lashfood growth serum product for over 2 months and it’s not working as well as another product I’ve tried EyeEnvy. With Lashfood my eyelashes are not as long and they are streight and stubby, the only thing I like about Lashfood eyelash serum is that it’s not irritating and its clean ingredients but I definitely don’t like the results. Does anyone have any other recommendations for clean Eyelash Growth serums that work well and don’t irritate or change skin/eye color?
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