Is it's good as the commercials say it is?
Orange Cove - il y a 3 ans

3 answers

To me it was still really good...I would purchase again.
il y a 2 ans
I was so disappointed. They took all the things that are good about Rocky Road and ruined them. Marshmallows? None, instead it is replaced with a "marshmallow flavor" ice cream that was almost indistinguishable from vanilla (and not a good vanilla like Breyers Vanilla Bean, just a cheap flavor). The "chocolate covered almond" bits were few and far between and were also about 1/8th of an almond each. This ice cream made me so mad I created a "influenster" account just to complain about it here. I also took it back to the store to get Dreyer's instead.
il y a 2 ans
I have tried the Rocky road and it was good. The peach flavor is a good to try too.
il y a 3 ans