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Breathe Right Extra Strength Nasal Strips

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4 / 5
Was sent a little gift from breathe right. I have bad allergies and at night when I’m really to go to sleep I can’t breathe! So I tried them, and wow! The extra strength ones say on all night, and really open up my airways. Thank you!
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5 / 5
👃 I recently got Covid and at the time, my nose was so incredibly stuffed. I was so excited to try these out and see if they would help and omg did they! I was able to breath out of my nose during the day and even when I was sleeping. I’m interested in trying these again (Covid free!) for sleep since I have trouble breathing out of my nose. I will say, the adhesive did get a bit stuck to my nose which was quit difficult to remove. Would also be nice to have a reusable strip as an eco friendly option 🌎
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1 / 5
These DO NOT do anything. You'd have better luck taping a Big Red gum wrapper to your nose. The nasal strips do not adhere to your nose. The strips are very stiff and need to be thinner to adhere. They are recommended to clear the nasal passages, but without them sticking I wouldn't know if they work. More luck with vapor rub.