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✨️✨️✨️What is the most common beauty product that comes in the box?✨️✨️✨️
il y a 3 mois

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Daily Reviews: I get mascara most often. I would like to get more perfumes and men's fragrances.
il y a 19 jours
Mascara all the time.
il y a un mois
I’d say palettes (eyes or face) is the most popular for me!
il y a un mois
Primer, moisturizer, mascara, eye cream, serum - cheap filler items
il y a un mois
Daily Reviews Definitely one of My favorites!
il y a un mois
eye palettes, serums, masks, contour palettes, skin care moisturizers plus so much more, I have the Luxe subscription
il y a un mois
Black mascara
il y a un mois
I personally got a ton of eyeshadow palettes. I was super excited at the start, but then they started piling up way faster than I could use them
il y a 2 mois