Boswellia Liquid Extract for System Restoration - 1 fl. oz.

by Herb Pharm

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176596 UPC # 090700031923 Brand Herb Pharm Size/Form 1 fl. oz. Ship Weight 0.10 Lb(s) DESCRIPTION Herb Pharm - Boswellia Liquid Extract for System Restoration- 1 oz. (30 ml) Herb Pharm Boswellia is prepared from oleo-gum-resin mass ("tears") of sustainable wildcrafted Boswellia serrata trees. USDA Organic Supports System Restoration Herb Pharm Frequently Asked Questions Are Herb Pharm products gluten-free and does their alcohol contain gluten?All of Herb Pharm's products are gluten-free. The alcohol in their products is derived from either gluten-free, non-GMO corn or sugar cane, and is certified organic? What is the proper dosage of liquid herbal extracts for children?Unless otherwise noted, all doses are for adults, but Clark's Rule can be used to convert the adult dose to a child's dose. Some extracts are not suitable for children. Consult your doctor for advice. What is the best way to take liquid herbal extracts?You should always put liquid extracts into water or juice for consumption. Taking them straight from the dropper may cause a burning sensation in the mouth and is discouraged. Mix the prescribed number of extract drops into 1 to 2 ounces of water unless the label directs otherwise. You can also add the drops to warm tea (not piping hot) or juice. Certain herbs, because of their stronger action, require more water. For optimal results, sip the mixed drops so you can savor the extract's flavor and aroma. Although you may not always like the taste, it contributes part of the therapeutic effect of the herb. Always follow label instructions. Can ,you give Herb Pharm herbal extracts to your pets or other animals?All of Herb Pharm's products are specifically developed for human use. For high quality herbal pet supplements, they suggest Animal Essentials, and the Animals Apawthecary line of herbal tinctures they carry. Animal Essentials' products are formulated specifically for the health needs of pets and other animals. Can you evaporate away the alcohol in liquid herbal extracts by mixing the extract drops into hot water?A small amount of the alcohol can be removed this way but most of it will stay intimately mixed with the hot water and will remain so even if the water is boiled. That's because alcohol and water are extremely difficult to separate once they have been mixed. While adding extracts to hot water will not eliminate their alcohol, it can, in some cases, actually damage the extract. Many extracts are heat stable (e.g., Goldenseal) and adding them to hot water does no harm. However, other extracts are damaged by heat (e.g., Valerian) and can be weakened by adding them to hot water. Also, essential oils found in certain extracts (e.g., Lemon Balm, Chamomile) will be at least partially vaporized by hot water. Here you are left with a compromised extract, but the alcohol remains. If an extract is directed to be taken hot to increase its diaphoretic (sweat-inducing) action, it should be added to hot water that is not too hot to drink. What is the shelf-life of Herb Pharm's products?In general, the shelf-life of Herb Pharm's products ranges between three and five years. The product's dosage form (alcohol-based tincture, glycerin-based tincture, capsule, etc.) impacts a product's shelf life. Alcohol-based tinctures normally have a five-year shelf, alcohol being an excellent natural preservative. Glycerin-based extracts and capsules typically have three-year shelf-lives. The majority of Herb Pharm's products are imprinted with a "Best By" or "Exp" (Expiration) date on the bottom of the retail package.On two-ounce and larger bottles of their liquid herbal extracts, and on all liquid herbal extracts manufactured prior to April, 2013, a batch number and manufacturing date are printed on or near the bottom or side edge of the label or on the bottom of the bottle. The first six numerals represent the batch number. Following the batch number is a combination of four alpha-numeric characters. For example, after the 6-digit batch number you might see "4M02." These four characters represent the manufacturing date and are interpreted as follows: the first number "4" represents the year of manufacture (2014), the letter is for the day of the week it was manufactured (Sunday = N, Monday = M, Tuesday = U, Wednesday = W, Thursday = R, Friday = F, Saturday = A), and the last two numbers, "02", are the week of the year (02 is the 2nd week of the year). For best results, store Herb Pharm products in a cool, dry place away from heat and light. Most liquid herbal extracts contain constituents that tend to precipitate out of the solution (separate) if they are left sitting on a shelf or in a medicine cabinet without regular shaking. This is a normal occurrence and does not affect the quality or safety of the product. You may see this precipitation as little specks or flakes floating in your extract, a coating on your dropper, or as a tiny layer of sediment on the bottom of the bottle. This may appear to be a different color than the extract. This can happen in as quickly as a couple of weeks. Please make sure to shake the bottle vigorously before use to help these plant particles get reabsorbed into the extract solution. About Herb Pharm There was a time not that long ago when the society focused squarely on fighting nature in the interest of progress. The land suffered and so did we. Herb Pharm started with a few scrappy idealists who believed they could cultivate health from the land without robbing it, and future generations along with it. They looked to ancient healing traditions and then sought to improve upon them. By using technology and proven clinical practices in tandem with nature, and not in domination of it, their founders challenged themselves to find a better path to health. What they started with was a holistic mandate, not a commercial one. They're still small enough that they make each batch by hand, but large enough to have the latest in manufacturing and testing technology, which suits them fine. Healthy people and planet has always been their focus, passion and mission and that along with their commitment to their founding principles will never change. Why They Do It Vision:To actively participate in the health, happiness and harmony of the Earth and all its people. Mission:They are committed to providing the highest quality herbal extracts products possible, educating people on the safe and effective use of medicinal herbs, and inspiring a love for plants and a respect for Nature. Why It MattersHerbs created without conscience are certainly cheaper. Cheaper herbs mean cutting corners, which is something Herb Pharm will never do. They only use herbs that are grown on their own farms or that are sourced from other growers and wildcrafters who, like them, provide more-than-fair wages and favorable working conditions. They only use herbs that meet their exacting standards for authenticity, purity and potency. They only use organic farming practices that have a positive impact on the environment and the planet. If an herb is at-risk of extinction in its wild habitat they only use cultivated varieties to help ensure its survival. They only make products that meet all of these criteria, and that they are confident can benefit your health. So yes, while they could do a lot of things cheaper, or quicker, or less careful there is still a cost. What costs them when


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