I am a cheerleader and so my training requires me to flip and be upside down, do these headphones stay secure enough to stay in while I'm doing a handstand?
3 years ago

2 answers

Hey there! I was at the gym and doing some handstand work (previous tumbling experience) and they stayed put. Mind you, I wasn’t moving as I was just inverted but none-the-less impressed. I would buy them off Amazon and give them a try. They allow 30 day returns even if you open them to try (they are the only company that would allow me). I am still waiting for the Jaybird X3 Wireless to see how they compare but I am overall happy. They just look a little bulky and are slightly weighted at the earpieces because that’s where the battery is. Give them a try though! Hope that helps! :)
2 years ago
All of the Bose Soundsport stay in really well. They should work well!
3 years ago