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Borderlands II

Borderlands II


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Borderlands II
Borderlands II
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  • "I love playing this game with my friends when they come over and most importantly, the graphic and the story line is amazing." in 21 reviews
  • "It's actually fun to play and doesn't get annoying or old and I think it's a little more unique than other first person shooter games because they tend to all be alike." in 11 reviews
  • "With even better gameplay than the first and a real storyline to boot (not to mention the amazing voice-acting with hilarious and raunchy commentary)." in 11 reviews
  • "Highly recommended for entertainment value alone, probably not best for little kids, but frankly you shouldn't consider letting them play shooters at all!" in 9 reviews
  • "I enjoy playing a game through and through, doing all the side quests and achievements and you can just put hours upon hours into this game." in 8 reviews
yamary o.
42 reviews
Borderlands II Unos de los shooters favoritos mios. Es super divertido y más si lo juegas de modo cooperativo. Tienes varios personajes a escoger y cada uno con sus habilidades especiales. Tiene un montón de armas diferentes que se te hará difícil tener sólo una.
Victoria B.
Fayetteville, AR
245 reviews
This game is all right. It’s fun but it kind of gets old in my opinion because it’s kind of the same setting and to do the same thing over and over gets tedious but I love the characters and I love the design that they went with. Visually appealing.
Hannah J.
532 reviews
After playing, I think I liked the first one better. It is similar gameplay and I still felt captivated within the story. I would recommend if you like this kind of game. It is also found in many different stores and would be pretty affordable now. 
Austin K.
8 reviews
The graphics alone in this game made me fall in love. I love the cartoony twist and humor the characters add to the game. The boss fights are super challenging, but in a good way. This game is fun to grind for hours on end, searching for loot like amor mods and weapons. I beat the entire game twice on the same character once just to replay it with different mods! The side missions are endless and add so much to the game. So worth the money. You can replay the game on every character and have a completely different experience with all of their unique abilities.
Alicia T.
Cantonment, FL
89 reviews
My husband and I have been playing this game every night since we picked up our pre-order the day it became available. Our kids, of course, wanted to play, so we eventually got them their own copy for their XBox.

Parental Caveat here: Our kids are older teens. This game contains cursing and violence. You may not want your younger children to play and/or watch this game.

So far, I like that the characters aren't rude to each other. In Borderlands, if you revived your teammate, your character would inevitably spout something nasty about about that person's skills. In this version, they actually thank each other!

I also like the addition of the bandit tactical car. I love throwing explosive barrels around and knocking buzzards right out of the sky.

I don't like the achievement system, however. I don't like that I have to play through about level 20 with every character in order to unlock every achievement. Additionally, some of the achievements are based on random events. For example, one of the achievements is based on getting level 1 of ever in game challenge. One of the challenges is to find and kill Jimmy Jenkins. Jimmy Jenkins appearance in the game is completely random. I've heard about people playing the entire game without ever once seeing him, meaning they haven't completed their quests for achievements.

It also has NUMEROUS secret achievements. I don't care for secret achievements. Just tell me what it is I am supposed to do so that I don't flounder around and miss a missable achievement! Thankfully, it seems that all the secret achievements for Borderlands 2 are unmissable plot-related ones. I checked. I always do. Yes, I am a serious completionist.
Rhyan S.
San Jose, CA
9 reviews
Borderlands is one of those gems of a game that comes once every blue moon. That said, Borderlands 2 does a fantastic job of following the success of its predecessor. Without a doubt, this game deserves Game of the Year, and is worth every penny spent on it, as well as every hour spent playing it.

Not only does Borderlands 2 continue the masterful storytelling from the first game, but you are placed in the familiar world of Pandora, post-Vault discovery, seeing how the world has been affected by it. Much of Pandora has fallen under the rule of the antagonist, Handsome Jack, who intends on enslaving everyone. But--like any good story--we have a group of rebels, led by familiar characters from the first Borderlands game. With all this familiarity, there is still many new elements brought to the table.

With the new and improved character classes and stories, the game keeps you immersed in the story and has you on your toes wanting more and more. The ever evolving gameplay comes in the form of the skill trees of the new classes, and the variety of weapons spread throughout Pandora. Advertised as millions of unique weapons to come across, I can safely say there is no disappointment here.

A major strong point that the Borderlands franchise has for it is its multiplayer element. Not only does it provide up to 4-player co-op online and via system link, but there's the classic and favorite two-player splitscreen co-op that allows for siblings, friends, and even significant others to join your journey across Pandora.

There is absolutely an infinite amount of things the player can do in Borderlands 2, making it a game that is nearly impossible to quit praising.
Kyle S.
inez, KY
59 reviews
Like its predecessor, Borderlands 2 takes place on the alien planet of Pandora, a mineral-rich land in which mega-corporations mine planetary resources for profit. You take on the role of one of four Vault Hunters, a special breed of mercenary who loot and raid their way to the planet's most treasured resource, vaults full of untold riches (or so it seems). They're tasked with taking down the villainous Handsome Jack, head of the Hyperion Corporation--and one of the most gloriously sneering nemeses seen in a video game in some time.

Borderlands 2's main hook is its focus on "shooting and looting." To that degree, the sequel offers significantly more choice and customization than its predecessor. Guns are broken down into brands and damage modifiers. So, for example, a gun made by Hyperion will have a more high tech feel, whereas another line may provide punchier gunplay.Alongside the satisfying gunplay, Borderlands 2 continues the tradition of four-player online co-operative play. The game scales difficulty according to how many people are participating in the game and with higher difficulty, the opportunities increase for rare items, more experience, and shared money. But there are some problems within the framework that are annoying. Death is inevitable, and it's irritating in some spots to spawn away from teammates and have to backtrack across some big areas to reunite with your squad (or fall into some geometry and get stuck).

Arguably the bitterest pill to swallow is that in sections of the game, you can earn experience and loot playing co-op in someone else's missions, but won't always have that progress reflected in your own campaign. For some missions, there's an offer to skip past something you've done, and in others, it's never provided. Nor is it ever clearly explained why some missions allow for this hop and some don’t. Make sure you're playing with friends, and if you plan multiple playthroughs, let someone else host another game so that they get the story progression.
Allison C.
Hixson, TN
34 reviews
I bought Borderlands 2 pre-release, and purchased the Season Pass as well. I had to wait a WHOLE month to play it after I bought it, but it was so worth it. Now, here's the sad part. A bunch of my friends were all pumped about buying it too, and kept telling me they were going to, but it turns out, none of them did, so I had to play my first character all by myself. And the game is still SUPER fun by yourself, but it is just so much better with friends. I prefer to play in a party of 4 if at all possible.

My favorite character to play is Gaige, the Mechromancer. I know a lot of people think she is OP (overpowered), and I can't really argue, but that doesn't mean she isn't incredibly fun. She came just a few weeks after the launch, instead of a few months, which is what the developers had said.

Now, I cannot lie and say this game is kid friendly. It absolutely is not. I'm not at all offended by language, as I am a 19 year old who had to ride the public school bus during middle school and high school. Trust me, there is nothing said here that I didn't hear on the bus, and that I don't hear at college every single day. But there is a lot of profanity and inuendos that a 12 year old probably shouldn't hear.

The graphics are to par with the first borderlands, If you played it, you know what to expect. There's some pretty cool special effects, and it's a bit better than the first one, but it's still the same type of animation.

The soundtrack? By far one of the best game sound tracks I've ever heard. I love some of the songs it plays, and the songs for each map are very fitting.

Overall, this game gets a 9.5/10. The only reason I give it half a star less than perfect is, I bought the season pass, which made it sound like I'd never have to buy a DLC EVER!!! However, there is a new one coming out in just a few days that I will have to purchase (at a discount, but still a purchase). I also had to purchase the 6th playable character, Krieg the Psycho. So all in all, since I pre-ordered the game for 60 dollars, bought the season pass for 30, paid 6.66 for krieg on sale, and bought a bunch of costumes, I've already spent almost a hundred dollars on the game, and I get to spend 5 more next week. Then the next DLC to come out will cost me another 5 or 10 dollars. I'm not really complaining, because this game was worth every penny, but I just wish they'd give me break since I've already spent so much haha.

But seriously, get this game. Pandora needs a good Vault Hunter like you.
Samuel J.
Simsbury, CT
1 review
When I was a kid, Diablo and its sequel Diablo II were the kings of their very specific genre: loot-centric role-playing games. Wile the story was good and the immersive world excellent, there was a omnipresent point: get that better piece of gear.

Borderlands II follows Borderlands I (and in turn the Diablo franchise), but it beats the Blizzard series at its own game. By combining a loot RPG with a first person shooter, one of the most popular game genres today, Gearbox has found a sweet spot in a video game industry that is otherwise flooded by yearly reiterations of the same titles.

Borderlands II takes everything that made Borderlands I a smash hit and expands on it. The characters are more rounded and relatable (each starts with an audio log in their inventory that provides a little background context). The environments are larger, both in number and in literal size, and significantly more varried; the first game was largely desert based landscape but the sequel brings us grasslands, volcanic wastes, snow, as well as the customary desert. The blunt, enjoyably straightforward humor is back with full force, and it couldn't be more welcome. When you first run into a certain doctor returning to the franchise, you won't be able to stop laughing. One more thing that's back in this game with a vengeance: Guns. Gearbox advertises Borderlands II as having "gazillions" of guns, and I'm hard pressed to disagree. With the multiple playthrough structure, seven weapon categories and other various class and shield modifications, ever bit of loot you find is exciting and always fun. After all, who doesn't want to throw a grenade that teleports. And then explodes into a bunch of smaller grenades. That spit acid. And drain enemies health and give it back to you. That's Borderlands for you.

The story is the biggest upgrade from Borderlands I. No spoilers herein, but the first part of the series had a less-than-stellar ending that many felt was a letdown following such a good game. The story present in Borderlands II is significantly stronger and more satisfying. I won't say much more to avoid any spoilers. Suffice it to say, the villain is the most engaging bad guy I've encountered since Emperor Palpatine.

The replayability factor here is huge; in fact, you're SUPPOSED to play through the game at least twice on each character! Once you reach level fifty (the current cap that will be raised with DLC), there is also end-game content in the form of 'raid bosses'. Those familiar with MMORPGs will understand what I mean here. For those who aren't, these are massive enemies meant to take advantage of Borderlands wonderful co-op system; you won't be able to kill these alone, but the matchmaking service will find you some help!

DLC is also an intricate part of Borderlands, and in this case that's a good thing. I usually hate DLC, but Gearbox does it justice. The first DLC release was to add an unprecedented fifth character class to the game. That's dozens of hours of playtime for a Borderlands fan right there! And on top of that, the first of four campaign addon packs has been released. Having also played this, it easily added eight or ten more hours of playtime and a ton of loot (hint: especially at the end!).

All in all, buy this game. I have been playing it since release date, and I'm not even level fifty yet. Come join me in Pandora!
Nicole M.
195 reviews
Again, would highly recommend the DLC for BL 1 & 2. I swear they tap into my brain & find exactly what I love for a game. I actually look forward to playing more of this after I've finished every mission, which is rare. 10 out of 10 me's would recommend.
Jasmond W.
Arlington, TX
157 reviews
Travis H.
San Diego, CA
15 reviews
Who has decided that Gaige the Mechromancer is the best playable character in the game?
Kimberly H.
Slidell, LA
52 reviews

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