What’s the benefit of using boogie wipes instead of regular wipes?
Loves Park, IL - il y a 3 ans

2 answers

I find the noses don’t get as irritated because the wipes are moist. Also get all the dried stuff off from around the nose better than a tissue.
il y a 5 mois
I find boogie wipes to be especially good at grabbing that sticky snot that smaller babies and toddlers get. That kind that doesn’t wipe off easily, wipes off easily with boogie wipes. I also like that they use a saline solution because saline is what you use in nasal sprays to help break down the mucous and I also feel that the saline solution is really gentle and doesn’t irritate their skin. Also if you get the scented kind they smell wonderful and sometimes that helps for the toddler that doesn’t want his nose wiped.
il y a 2 ans