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Bolthouse Farms
2 Reviews
1 / 5
I bought it a litte over a week ago and the day after buying it found out it was bad... not expired bad 2 of them one dated February 12 and the other is dated in march. I opened it and gave it to my toddler (hes 2) and he started spitting it everywhere... i than decided to have a glass and realized why he was spitting it out. It tasted like rotting mango and sprite mixed together it was so fermented. I emailed bolt house and thought i got a resolution. I paid over 20 dollars on 2 of these bottles for them to have potentially gotten my son sick and they sent me a $10 coupon... what kind of service is this?? Thats a joke if ive ever seen one for a company i hate the review side of things because no matter what i need to give a star and that still improves your status if i could give negative stars i would. I do not recommend this product as they cant even resolve the problem when there is one.
5 / 5
Affordable goodness in a bottle. I love that it says what and how much of that thing is in each flavor. I could drink the Green Goodness every single day!