I am so close to buying this foundation stick, my questions are ; Is this a cream formula? Did it make anyone breakout? Is it acne prone skin friendly?
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Hi Anna! I’ve put a review up of this which goes a little more in depth, but it is quite a thick cream formula. If you’re acne prone or have oily/combo skin, your best bet is to use a light moisture and let it sit 10/15 mins on your skin. After, press powder into your skin and let it sit for a minute then use a fluffy brush to get rid of the excess. This will help with the oils in the cream :) Apply it with a light hand and a light dusting of powder, you’re better of using a light amount of powder instead of intensely setting it so that you can top up as and when you need if you get shiny! A lot of acne prone people tend to not like heavy creams because they can sit in the skin so make sure you cleanse well at the end of the day. For this, i’d say a balm/oil to remove and then your normal face wash/cleanser after so your skin has it’s best chance! Hope that helps :)
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