BMW Genuine Boot/Trunk Luggage/Cargo Room Dividing Roller Net (51 47 6 955 873)

by BMW

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Image is for illustrative purposes only, actual product may vary.Conceal and protect the contents in the back of your X5 with this rear cargo cover. Available in anthracite. Please note that all products offered in the shop are suitable only for RHD vehicles. Damages to the goods due to incorrect fitting by yourself or a dealer or workshop not authorised by BMW are not covered under the warranty. If you are not sure whether this part will fit your vehicle, please send us your VIN number and we will check the compatibility for you. The part may require fitment by a qualified technician!X5-E70-SUV-X5 3.0d M57N2-(FF41)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70-SUV-X5 3.0d M57N2-(FF42)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70-SUV-X5 3.0sd M57N2-(FF01)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70-SUV-X5 3.0sd M57N2-(FF02)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70-SUV-X5 3.0si N52N-(FE41)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70-SUV-X5 3.0si N52N-(FE42)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70-SUV-X5 3.0si N52N-(FE43)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70-SUV-X5 3.5d M57N2-(FF03)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70-SUV-X5 4.8i N62N-(FE81)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70-SUV-X5 4.8i N62N-(FE82)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70-SUV-X5 4.8i N62N-(FE83)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70-SUV-X5 M S63-(GY01)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70-SUV-X5 M S63-(GY02)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70-SUV-X5 M S63-(GY03)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70 LCI-SUV-X5 30dX N57-(ZW41)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70 LCI-SUV-X5 30dX N57-(ZW42)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70 LCI-SUV-X5 35dX M57N2-(ZW03)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70 LCI-SUV-X5 35iX N55-(ZV41)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70 LCI-SUV-X5 35iX N55-(ZV42)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70 LCI-SUV-X5 35iX N55-(ZV43)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70 LCI-SUV-X5 40dX N57S-(ZW61)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70 LCI-SUV-X5 40dX N57S-(ZW62)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70 LCI-SUV-X5 40iX N55-(GY21)-01.10.2006---4.068 kgX5-E70 LCI-SUV-X5 50iX N63-(ZV81)-01.10.2006-

Manufacturer Part Number: 51 47 6 955 873

100% GENUINE high quality certified products DIRECTLY from BMW; Rear cargo cover; Available in anthracite; 2 year Manufacturer Warranty; See aplication below

Manufacturer reference: 51 47 6 955 873


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