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blotterazzi by beautyblender

blotterazzi by beautyblender


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It was okay to use. Others might like it but if I like the fenty blotting paper better. Just want for me. They are thin and reusable.

Product reviewed: blotterazzi by beautyblender

not bad but not the best I've used, a little hard, not all products are distributed well, I didn't really like it.

Product reviewed: blotterazzi by beautyblender

Love the case and that I am able to use this on the go to not my face when needed. It is easy to wash and I wish it had a drying case as well.

Product reviewed: blotterazzi by beautyblender

Are they meant for blotting oil? I was given a couple of them and didn’t really understand what to use them for
These are meant to blot excess oil off your face right ? I have oily skin and was looking at purchasing these because I love the idea of have a sponge you can wash rather than continuously buying blotting paper, but I was reading the reviews and saw a lot of them where they were using these to apply makeup. I need clarification, help please 🤷‍♀️
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