Is this better to use alone or post moisturizer?
il y a 8 mois

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This is the last thing I apply ☺️
il y a 6 mois
I would ALWAYS apply an oil LAST in a skincare routine. The reason is that an oil helps create/maintain a moisture barrier, meaning trapping in hydration. So, if you put on your serum and moisturizer and finish with the oil - you're trapping in all that goodness. As far as using it alone, I think that would be fine if you're trying to keep a very minimal routine. You have your VitC and moisture, which is great. My preference and recommendation would be to do this in combination with (post) moisturizer though.
il y a 7 mois
Vit C oil should be put on first. Then your Serum and last your Moisterizer. You put skincare on thinnest to thickest.
il y a 8 mois
I prefer to use it after my moisturizer
il y a 8 mois