Does this product cause purging (acne breakout) before getting better? I just ordered it, but I’m reading conflicting reviews about the purging.
il y a 9 mois

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I have not experienced any purging at all. I started slow with watered down cotton pads and perhaps that helped.
il y a 7 mois
I do suffer with mature acne and since I’m using the P50 it keep it on a minimum level . It might give you a bit of sensitivity if it’s used to much , start introducing it slowly in your routine but never with any retinoids , that’s what made me purging until I’ve realise less is better too .
il y a 8 mois
Not for me. I gave not had a breakout since I started using 3 years ago.
il y a 8 mois
Personally I experienced a little bit of purging, but nothing extreme!
il y a 8 mois