Would this version of P50 be the most suitable for very dry (and safe for dry patches) and sensitive skin? Especially looking for something that won’t burn because my skin breaks into these dry patches pretty often and some products burn upon application (ex. Osea cleanser from last month’s Allure box).
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I have mixed type sensitive skin and this toner is also quite strong for me. I am using Biologique products for almost 2 years now, and I still have a red skin after using the toner. The irritation passes after 20 min or so and , actually, leaves my skin soft and clean, however, it's uncomfortable if you are in a rush
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If I were you I would start by applying it as follows: dampen a cotton round with water and put a few drops of P50W on the damp cotton round then lightly dab your face with it. See how you react to that. If you get no adverse effects, try it on a dry cotton round and if that's fine too start applying it using gauze for maximum absorption. Do it step by step till you get used to it.
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I’m dry and sensitive. I also have psoriasis but that’s under control. When I first used this it tingled big time, but now I’ve built up my tolerance . Your skin sounds much more sensitive than mine. Do you use any actives at the moment ? Because you could build your way up to this , which is what I’ve done. First pixi glow tonic then Paula’s choice bha and now this .
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