14 Questions
Stephanie Q.
What disposable contact brand do you buy? I always buy cooper vision; looking to switch.
Deisy E.
He escuchado alguna vez de este producto, ¿Que tan amigable es con tus ojos?
Thisia L.
Does it irritate your eyes over a period of time?
Jennifer E.
What are the best contact lenses resetting drops to use.  I need something that works good and last without having to use several times.  I've tried refresh and that just didn't work for me. ?
Una consulta como hago para recibir un producto. Soy nueva y no tengo idea. Porfa.
Alexis T.
How do you feel about these contact lenses?
Suzanne C.
Where is the cheapest place to purchase this brand of Contacts?
Ivy W.
I've been wearing these for a few years and I noticed that near the end of the day my eyes get dry. Is there anything to prevent that?
Brittany B.
Are these easy to put in and take out?
Yuliya D.
What are the best contact lenses? Now I use Biofinity Contact Lenses They are awesome:))😻