I really been wanting to get this straightner since last year. Is it really worth it? How well does it strengthen your hair? How does it leave your hair? What do you think of the price?
Columbus, OH - il y a 2 ans

3 answers

Yes it’s so worth it! It leaves your hair silky smooth and my hair stays straight all day! I bought mine on overstock.com and it was a lot cheaper than in stores
il y a un an
I love it is quick on and has rounded plates so it is really easy and smooth to curl. It is well worth the price. Bio Ionic 10X Pro Styling Iron 1
il y a 2 ans
So my bf just got me this last week. I’ve used it a handful of times now and it does do the job well. My hair is silky after but I also used a hue serum and blow dried it prior (so that could contribute to it as well). It seems a bit pricey but the vibrating plates are cool. Haven’t tried curling my hair with it yet. I have super frizzy hair and it works great minus a few baby hairs that will never lay flat.
il y a 2 ans