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The flavor in this gum last for a long time. It's cinnamon flavored
Connellys Springs, NC - 5 years ago
The flavor lasts a pretty long time! It's one of the reasons this is my favorite cinnamon flavored gums.
San Diego, CA - 6 years ago
The gums flavor evaporates fairly quickly for me. it just sorta leaves a raw sensation in your mouth for a while which is why it seems to have a long lasting flavor!
Crewe, VA - 6 years ago
Quite a while. One of the reasons why I like it.
Ellicott City, MD - 6 years ago
This gum's flavor lasts awhile, a couple of hours I would say.
Spring City, PA - 6 years ago
It lasts for a pretty long time! That's why I like this gum. :)
Hutchinson, KS - 7 years ago