9 Questions
Sasha A.
I received this candle free from Big Lots, and surprisingly, it's really good. The scent is not overpowering or cheap/synthetic smelling. It gives a nice, light, yet noticeable fragrance throughout the majority of my house. The regular price is $7, which is still really good for the 14oz size and quality. Have you tried any of their new home candle lines? Big Lots!
Lisa B.
What can I get here?
Lucy C.
Are they going out of business ?
nino M.
How I can use this site and it's a something good ?
Michelle L.
What was the most interesting thing you brought here?
Stacy W.
I dont understand how to use this site?
Julia L.
Anyone find some makeup gems at big lots. They seem hit or miss and wondering what y’all found ?
Destiny H.
Any opinions on the furniture Big lots has to offer?
marshay G.
What your favorite thing when coming to this store