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Big Lots!

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I used to be a fan of Big Lots back when they actually had really good deals on stuff. The whole point of the store was to go brows whatever random left over or odd items that couldn't, or hadn't, sold at other stores and getting rid of it cheaply. Now though I go on and they're selling stuff at pretty much the same price you pay anywhere else. Throwing a tag on claiming it's worth $169 and youre selling it for $39 doesn't fool anyone when I can go on Amazon and find comparable items for the exact same price or less. Their furniture section is ok, as they carry a lot of broyhill, but it's still hit and miss and tends to still be pricey for the good stuff. Sorry I can go to Walmart, HEB,, and lots of other stores for comparable prices and better selection.
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5 / 5
I love this store and I think everyone can find exactly what they need! I hate that this store is loosing traction and that a lot of people forget that it exists because it has everything! I also love their furniture and everything is super cheap! Especially the home good items and they have tons of storage options!! And the employees are always super nice, friendly and helpful!
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
We got this outdoor set from big lots. I feel like the prices for their furniture is hard to beat. The quality is good and our furniture has lasted. There's so many things to choose from, from outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, food, self care, toys, candy. They have a little bit of everything for competitive prices!