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Big Lots!
Big Lots!

Big Lots!


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I like Shopping at Big Lots they have great quality products at great prices. They also have weekly sales and great quality products. I like shopping at Big Lots.
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This store is my childhood my grandmother would have her days when she would go shopping while my mom was at work my grandma would also look after me, we always went to Big Lots every time, and every time I pass by I got that peak of nostalgia!
1 / 5
Big lots is not a great store. Too expensive and not a great variety of products. Their clearance isn’t great either. I will not go back to one. I was very disappointed.


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I received this candle free from Big Lots, and surprisingly, it's really good. The scent is not overpowering or cheap/synthetic smelling. It gives a nice, light, yet noticeable fragrance throughout the majority of my house. The regular price is $7, which is still really good for the 14oz size and quality. Have you tried any of their new home candle lines? Big Lots!
What can I get here?
Are they going out of business ?
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