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Ashley P.
  • I bleached my hair blonde the first time and it came out so pink the 2nd time I bleached with I left the blonde a little orange so it could hold the red color and it came out the same pink color as the first time :p I usually use pravana and N Rage. in 7 reviews.

  • Amie S.
  • I loved how bright the colors were when I first colored my hair, but they didnt stay very long. in 5 reviews.

  • Alejandra C.
  • Just like manic panic or any other semi permanent vegan hair dye, it is safe to keep on your hair for a couple of hours. in 5 reviews.


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    Alyssa S.

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    I've used many different brands of demi and semi permanent dyes over the years. I saw the price tag on Beyond the Zone and thought I'd give it a try, huge mistake! I bleached the sections I wanted to use it on, let my hair air dry and then added the dye. The instructions said leave on for 20 minutes, but if you've used semi dyes before, you know that longer is always better. I waited 3 hours and the color looked like it was going to be amazing... until I rinsed it out. I used cold water and no shampoo, but sadly every bit of the dye washed out.

    Jessica M.

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    I love this particular brand of color and the way it smells is delicious! I love the unlimited color selection that you can create by mixing any colors together!

    Dana M.

    I applied my undiluted (no, developer, no hair conditioner) Bubble Head Pink to clean, dry, bleached very pale yellow (almost white) hair. Wrapped it up in hair foil, and kept it in for 3 hours while applying heat for 10 minutes every 30 minutes, and then rinsed it out with COLD (I have a removable shower head, so I just kneeled on my bathroom floor) water. WOW! My hair is sooo much more pinker and brighter than I thought it was going to be, especially after reading poor reviews! This stuff is will NOT damage you hair; it's the bleach that's damaging it .. so you can keep it in for a while without killing it. And there's no reason to dilute it with developer or hair conditioner while dying it .. and you're always supposed to rinse and maintain colored hair with cold water. I will upload a photo later when I go outside.

    Jess I.

    Do not buy this product. It is horrible. I used this product on my hair a few years back in middle school and my hair was bleached to a very bright blonde. Yes, the hairdye did smell nice, and had a very nice dark pink color at first. I washed it out and it was lighter than it was supposed to. So I dyed it again and it was darker. After one or two showers, the color completely stripped out of my hair and left it coarse and orange-ish. My scalp was pink for over 2 weeks and I was so disappointed. Such a waste of money AND time.

    Marie W.

    purchased the Turquoise Color yesterday along with purple in another brand. I bleached my hair and then applied it. Left it on for about 20 -30 min and rinsed. This color did not stay. I tried to reapply today and left it on for 2 hours and it only stayed lightly in spastic places. Last night I also did the purple that was another brand on the top of my hair and it stayed. I wanted the turquoise on the under side. Will not buy this brand again was a total waste of money.

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    Kelley B.
    Kelley B.

    I was curious about the coloring product. I use btz bleaching kit but have never used their color line. How vibrant are the colors and how long do they typically last. I have bleached platinum blonde hair if that helps. Thanks!

    2 answersNov 26 - 2014 - 5:47 p.m.
    Jennifer N.
    Jennifer N.

    what color have you guys try?

    5 answersJul 04 - 2013 - 7:26 p.m.
    Roxanne W.
    Roxanne W.

    About how long does the color last?

    3 answersJun 28 - 2013 - 5:50 p.m.
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