Beverly International Up-Lift 330 gr

by Beverly International

Is This Your Brand?


Up-Lift is used by natural physique athletes and others to increase training intensity and overall muscular performance. Distinguishing features:100% stimulant-free: Up-Lift therefore can be easily combined with other energy products such as Fast-Up. Over 4500 mg total of arginine + citrulline: To support healthy nitric oxide levels and vasodilation. Over 2000 mg total of beta-alanine + histidine + carnosine, to enhance your ability to buffer lactic acid and combat fatigue. Carnosine also has anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. Betaine + tyrosine: Clinically shown to boost muscular and cognitive performance, respectively. Adaptogenic (anti-stress) botanical extracts. For maximum results, you may wish to combine Up-Lift with Fast-Up, Creatine Select or Muscle Synergy pre-workout. If desired, prepare an additional serving of Up-Lift in a shaker bottle and sip during your workout.


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