How has this worked for you? Have you seen a difference in hydration when using this product?
Fountain Vly, CA - il y a 2 ans

2 answers

I suggest you should check the ingredients list. It’s great cause it also contains niacinamide for skin whitening and adenosine. I preffer using an essence rather than a cream product for the snail mucin content. I feel it’s more effective. This product is very watery. Please don’t rub it on your skin. Just pat and you can layer it for the “glass skin” very hyped appearance :D
il y a 2 ans
Yes, my skin got more plumped and hydrated. I had some active breakouts and scars and I felt like it accelerated the healing. Can’t say anything about the long term use as I just bought this. Make up goes on more smoothly but I guess it’s just because of the hydrated skin. I’ve been reading a lot about snail mucin benefits and Benton is very famous for this. I checked lots of reviews about this brand and the overall opinion was very positive.
il y a 2 ans