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What is the best drug store alternative to benefit-cosmetics-the-porefessional-matte-rescue-gel? I am obsessed with how well it works, but it’s out of my budget and I’m out of product! *Edit to add: I use this product OVER my makeup to set it.
what is your go to best primer? are all benifit primers good? benefit-cosmetics-the-porefessional-matte-rescue-gel
Is this product a primer? And does it really blur the pores after the foundation is set?
I have heard a lot about this product but does this work on oily skin, acne prone,
So can someone explain to me is this a primer or more like a moisturizer? benefit-cosmetics-the-porefessional-matte-rescue-gel
Has anyone used this product, and if so what are your thoughts on it? Debating about buying it for awhile. benefit-cosmetics-the-porefessional-matte-rescue-gel
benefit-cosmetics-the-porefessional-matte-rescue-gel what are your thoughts on this product? I have been debating on buying it at Ulta since it is on sale and have had my eye on it for sometime now.
I've heard this primer is one of the best but I don't know if it's good enough... Should I try it?
when using suncream, would you put this on first or the suncream?