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Beautyfix by Dermstore

Beautyfix by Dermstore


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Beautyfix is the highlight of my month! It always feels like Christmas when I get this box. I truly love all of the skincare that’s included - the quality of the products are amazing. I highly recommend!!
Love getting these monthly boxes. They always send at least 1-2 full size high end products to try and the box is well worth the $25 I spend for my subscription!
I have become obsessed with beauty boxes a few months ago and put this one in the mix. I’ve received two so far and have a third on the way. When the first box came I was underwhelmed. I guess I knew it would be skincare but at the time that didn’t excite me. I got some full sized and sample packs of products that were really expensive so the value was absolutely there. After actually trying the samples, I was actually shocked at how well I loved a couple of them. And I’m probably in a good demographic for a skincare box—I’m 50 and have little sun damage but am starting to see the inevitable signs of aging that lead people to spend hundreds of dollars on a product. Yikes. Still, I have found a few high end products that I might buy, but right now I’m enjoying my experimentation! Definitely recommend this box.
Is this box worth the money? Can you preview the products included each month? Can you skip a month? Thank you!
Beautyfix by Dermstore is my favorite subscription box, what’s yours ?
Beautyfix looks like a good one. Is it worth it? If so, how much does it cost?
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