Will I have breakout if i use this?
Paranaque - il y a 3 ans

3 answers

At first, yes as your skin detoxes. After a week it stops! Its healthier for your skin so the breakout is any bad products in the past leaving your skin
il y a 2 ans
I have extremely sensitive skin and have never had an issue with this balm, but if you are currently using products that have a lot of chemicals in them, you may go though a short detox period with this where your skin feels extra dry for a few days. But, once you’re through that, the best part about this particular product is that it can be used on any skin type and you only need an almond sized portion of the balm to cover your entire face. If you are looking for more moisturizing, leave it on longer before washing it off and if you have more oil prone skin, wash it off right away.
il y a 3 ans