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I use a regular size beauty blender everyday I apply makeup. Do the mini ones really make a difference in makeup application under the eyes?
Is it really good for concealer? 😁
Are these best for concealer? I can't think of anything else to use them for. They're so tiny!
What is your favorite way to use the micro mini? I cannot figure out what the purpose of these are.
Are these good for applying concealer ?
beautyblender-micro-mini do these work well for tight areas or around the nose? How about blending evenly?
It's so small, is it really easy to use?
I've been wanting to try these for so long now but do not know if it's worth the money? Or if I should just stick with my regular sized beauty blender for concealer
do these actually help with anything? are they worth the money or can i get away with using my regular beauty blender?