Beauty Style Derma Roller Micro Needling Cosmetic Skin Care Kit Home Use Tool G

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This device is to mimick the treatment professional aesthetician and skin care specialist use called microneedling which cause tissue damamge but provides healing benefits for acne scars fine lines wrinkles and more but usuing this device without any knowledge can cause permanent nerve damage and skin damage that if you aren’t a professional I recommend to NOT use this and support your hard working local aesthetician that is waiting to help you with your skin care needs !!!
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This is ok. I wouldn’t recommend buying it. It feels nice which is cool but I don’t think it actually does anything. One of those gimmicks.
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4 / 5
Mom's not so much of a review as is that I didn't know it actually had little like things that poked your skin and that is very interesting and I think it's very helpful to get things in your skin that can help heal it because I suffer from psoriasis and I have breakouts from time to time because of the thrust so I'd be very interested in trying this that'll have to be on my next list of things to get so thanks guys for letting me see that or hear that or read it