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Bear Creek

Bear Creek Country Kitchen...
6 Reviews
I think this is gross such a cheap fake nasty taste to it maybe it's just the brand but I prefer uncle Bens taste so much better this is not worth the buy.
Compared to the other Bear Creek soup mixes, this one just does not compare. The texture is weirdly off
This soup is great, I love all of the Bear Creek varieties that I have tried. The process is so easy and it makes a good amount of soup. It's perfect to pair with paninis or another type of sandwich for a fall or winter meal.
Full of flavor. Thick and creamy. Fast and easy to make. Love the bag has ideas for what to add extra to the soup.
Great soup and the entire family enjoys it. Never have been a big fan of can soups so this is perfect for us.
Another great product by Bear Creek! Delicious with rich savory flavor. Easy to make and could easily pass as home made. I like to add chicken to mine.