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3 / 5
I purchased my BeachWaver B1 to try and make curling my hair easier. I am not good at curling it with a traditional curling or flat iron. I thought this tool would be easier because of the button that automatically twists your hair in either direction to make the curl. This ceramic hot tool works pretty well but does take some practice. I think it makes a very pretty curl, but it is much “tighter” of a curl and not really a wave. I have since purchased a Dyson Air Wrap and prefer it to my BeachWaver as it doesn’t use heat and creates a curl that is more flexible. All in all, a great tool though for a good price.
4 / 5
As someone who’s a hairstylist and researches tons of curling irons besides the shark flex style this is my favorite manual curling iron I love that it does the work for you! Saves you on wrist pain!
5 / 5
Growing up I had never used a curling iron so this kinda taught me how but in an easier way! It was super easy to figure out and heats up so quick. I love the curls it produces and it didn’t take long to curl my entire head. Definitely worth the investment.


92 Questions
How does this work compared to a curling wand? Is it easier?
How do you decide what size barrel to get? Does Beachwaver have a guide anywhere?
Heat protection serum required before using??
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