How is this product compared to C4 ?
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[product:beachbody-performance-energize-pre-workout-formula] I haven’t had the ability to try it yet. But C4 has a little more caffeine, this is why you get jittery and C4 is so popular. Just looking at what’s in it, the beach body performance has better ingredients and a proper amount. For those that do take C4, if your taking it regularly look at other products. The best way I can say it is, C4 is the dollar general of energy drinks/powders the ingredients are very cheap and uneven. Again they just put a lot of caffeine in it. After you body gets use to it.. it no longer works well.
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It tastes better and doesn’t give you any jittery feeling like C4 does- at least for me
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Personally I like it better than C4 because it doesn’t have that weird Sucralose taste to it but I would say works fairly equal.
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