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My partner loves beachbody exercise. He has a loat of videos and almost everyday exercises at home. I will not lie they are really hard exercises, not for everyone. But have effect.
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Beachbody is absolutely fantastic for anyone who is looking to get in shape on your own time in your own space. They have hundreds of different workouts to choose from. There is literally something for everyone. Instruction is super easy. At the beginning of each workout, it tells you what equipment you will need for that day, and there is always a modifier doing the workout for someone who may need it a little easier. Every instructor in each program is great and does so well at keeping you motivated to finish your workout and keep coming back.
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3 / 5
Used Beachbody on demand for numerous program. They are effective and work when you stick to them yet I feel like you become an easy target for their MLM tactics to buy supplements and access to programs or equipment. I stuck to the demand option and was able to achieve the same results.