Should this be used if your cat stays strictly indoors?
Cincinnati, OH - il y a 5 ans

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Only if you have a flea problem. Depending on the season in your location you may not need it. Flea infestation can still happen tho, due to fleas being carried in by humans and other ways. I have found my cats who have been indoor only and do not share home with other pets, did not need any flea treatment. My current cats are indoor but share home with two dogs so we use flea/tick treatment on them. This year on East Coast in US we have had one of the easiest flea and tick seasons I have seen in ages. Thank goodness.😁
il y a un mois
My cat stays strictly indoors & I use this - fleas can come from anywhere such as through the window or even on a piece of your clothing when you go out & come back inside. Better safe than sorry (& infested with fleas) 👀
il y a 4 ans