324 Questions
Erica R.
am I the only one who just LOVES these? I love these better than the spray ones because I can just toss them in my bags or in my pocket to have them on me all the time. so useful and convenient!! I also love the variety of cases!
Mallory H.
Do you prefer the actual pocketbac or the spray ones they had for a short time? I liked the spray ones. I wish they made more holders for the spray ones. I have a bat holder (from Halloween) and I love it, but it doesn’t go with every outfit lol!
Angelica A.
Are you getting anything on the semiannual sale?
Robina M.
How can I sample these products
Mich B.
Where can I buy these In the UK please? I got some when I was In the US and was obsessed with them
Rachel H.
Has anyone tried the Tropical Vacay pocketbac sanitizers? If so, do they smell good?
Klara R.
What's your favourite scent? X
Leslie B.
Are these available in the UK 🇬🇧 or only in America please ?
Alma B.
Do they still have 2 for one sales and are they still open for business!
Catori G.
What is your favorite scent?