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Bath & Body Works® Gingerbread Latte Body Cream
Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works® Gingerbread Latte Body Cream


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This scent i used throughout my entire beach trip and it was so nice. My legs felt buttery soft in the ocean and you always got to use lotion after getting in and out of pools!
This product smells like Christmas on your skin. I absolutely love the smell. However if you have sensitive skin it can cause an out break.
I don’t know what’s up with the formal on this product but when I worked at Bath and Body we were told the shelf life on products is about 2-3 years. The body creams seem to go bad so much faster and turn a nasty yellow color and get a disgusting musty scent to them. I’m sure this scent was great before it turned putrid. I had it for about six months before using it and realizing it had already turned yellow. This has always happened with the body creams and I don’t understand it at all when I have products from drug store to high end that NEVER do this! It’s sucks because I like the body cream way more than the lotion but you have to use it fast to avoid the yellow/musty scent.
So, I absolutely love this scent, but am running quite low... when does it launch again, so I can stock up?
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