Barleans Barlean's Heart Remedy Mixed Red Berry 5.6 oz

by Barlean's

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Barlean's - Heart Remedy Omega Swirl Concentrated Omega-7 Supplement Mixed Red Berry - 5.6 oz. (159 g) Barlean's Heart Remedy Swirl is the result of years of scientific research to develop an ultra-concentrated and highly purified Omega-7 designed to raise HDL (good) and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Cutting-edge nutrition and great taste finally collide! Increasing HDL levels cleanses the arteries of LDL and the resulting plaque build-up by breaking it down so the body can flush it out. Omega-7 boosts HDL cholesterol levels to help flush out the bad cholesterol and keep cells free of disease-causing plaque. Omega-7 also impacts C-Reactive protein (CRP) Index, the measurement of inflammation in the body. A high CRP level is a strong risk factor for heart disease because it can indicate inflammation in the arteries due to plaque build up. Delicious Mixed Red Berry Smoothie Taste & Texture Made with Patented, Highly Purified Provinal Premium Fish Oil Concentrated 210 mg Omega-7 Per Serving Proprietary Amplified Absorption Emulsification Technology No Artificial Flavors or Colors No Sugar: Naturally Sweetened with Xylitol Gluten Free, Non-GMO What is Omega-7 The New Fatty AcidOmega-7s are a group of monounsaturated fatty acids that have moved to the forefront of fatty acid research. Omega-7s are found in macadamia nuts, sea buckthorn berries and cold-water fish. The Omega-7 most studied for its health benefits is called palmitoleic acid. Although commonly found in foods together, don't confuse this with palmitic acid, which is found in palm oil and has been shown to be pro-inflammatory, which is associated with increasing your risk for heart disease and diabetes. Palmitoleic acid seems to do the exact opposite; it is believed to reduce inflammation and increase HDL (the good cholesterol) levels. The most potent Omega-7s are derived from ultra-purified fish oil, which has up to a 50% concentration of Omega-7 palmitoleic acid.


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