bareMinerals Blemish Rescue Skin-Clearing Loose Powder Foundation
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bareMinerals Blemish Rescue Skin-Clearing Loose Powder Foundation


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Calm. Clear. Cover.

This lightweight, full coverage foundation gently clears and prevents future breakouts with 0.5% salicylic acid and a blend of minerals, for skin that looks and feels healthy.

CALM: soothes troubled skin and hydrates

CLEAR: 0.5% Salicylic Acid treats existing acne blemishes & helps prevents future breakouts

COVER: Non-pore clogging, confidence-boosting full coverage

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  • How is the coverage on this foundation? I have acne prone...9 Answers
bareMinerals Blemish Rescue Skin-Clearing Loose Powder Foundation
bareMinerals Blemish Rescue Skin-Clearing Loose Powder Foundation
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Iana D.
New York, NY
134 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 4
To start off, I received these products complimentarily from Influenster. I received the bareMinerals Blemish Rescue Skin-Clearing Loose Powder Foundation, bareMinerals Blemish Rescue Skin-Clearing Anti-Redness Mattifying Primer, and bareMinerals Seamless Buffing Blush With Antibacterial Charcoal. I only tried the products on one side of my face in order to be able to compare it to the other side. I love that bareMinerals created a product that is for people who struggle with redness, acne, and oily skin.

The loose powder foundation does contain salicylic acid, which has been known to treat acne. This product will NOT fix your acne over night, if even at all. It will require long-term use and a good skin care routine. I have not used it long enough to see any effects.

I don’t normally opt for powder foundation because I like the coverage of liquid foundation and powder foundation is just messier. To my surprise, they sent me a color that was perfectly matched. It looked darker in the pan, but matched me correctly. It is definitely lightweight, but NOT full coverage. I would say it’s medium coverage at most because I didn’t try to build it up. It does make my skin look very smooth and doesn’t look patchy at all. It is very lightweight as well and I don’t even feel that I have anything on my face.

Onto the primer, I did notice it neutralizing my redness. My pores are definitely not completely blurred, but the primer itself along with the foundation covered up my redness.

The brush is soft and perfect for the loose powder as long as you tap off the excess. It’s nice and new to see a brush that repels bacteria and protects itself from contamination.

It is a good option for every day use. I could see this holding up for a few hours, but since it’s summer and with New York humidity, I would definitely need to touch up.

The price point is pretty steep for such a small amount of product, especially for the powder and you could definitely go through these products rather quickly.
Alexandria M.
Surprise , AZ
45 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
First Clean Makeup Routine for Treating Acne🗡💗
So I got this for free to review with honesty. The packaging is very modern high quality I give it a 10 the main ingredient on all three products are very beneficial! MY SHADE: NEUTRAL MEDIUM

🧚🏼‍♀️Ima start with the (Mattifying primer): when I applied the primer to my face the color of it was a light mint green, I have very visible pores and redness from passed popped pimples and let me tell you that my face looked clear and my pores were LESS visible. The smell was a bit weird like plastic, but I was very happy with the properties of the ingredients like chamomile; soothing, Zinc; absorbs oil
Sulfur; help exfoliate dead skin cells, phytosphingosine; battles with bacteria & etc.

🧚🏼‍♀️(Loose powder Foundation): the powder was very lightweight which was perfect because I personally don’t like products that are heavy to my face. It says that this product prevents future breakouts. I personally, have trouble with foundations, the next day I have a few pimples even though I did wash my face. When I used this it didn’t clog my pores it did the opposite.

🧚🏼‍♀️(Seamless Buffing Brush): Anti-bacterial charcoal- I LOVE that this brush is beneficially the skin it’s infused with charcoal repelling bacteria. I mean we all have brushes that give us breakout because we don’t wash our brushes good or there’s people that don’t clean their makeup brushes and don’t know that can lead to acne, breakouts, HELL.

#bareminerals #blemishrescue #contest #complimentary @bareminerals @Influenster
Pamela W.
College Point, NY
1 review
When I first put on the primer, I wasn’t sure how much I was supposed to be putting on, so I just put a pea-sized amount on my palm and worked it into the red parts of my face: nose, sides of my nose, chin, and cheeks. The powder was protected by a plastic covering which made the packaging feel secure and prevented any fallout. The instructions on the website says to tap some powder onto the back of the cap, but I felt like I put too much on it. However, once I started buffing the product onto my skin, that concern faded away, like how seamlessly the product blended into my skin. I was not able to test out various shades before receiving the product, so I was apprehensive that I wouldn’t get the correct shade for my skin, but it seemed to match well for my neck. I received the shade Neutral Ivory 2N. I had to ask my mother if she thought it was a correct shade and she approved. (Mother knows best). The brush is extremely soft and made application a breeze. Throughout the day, the powder made my skin look like skin and it didn’t look caked on at all. It just added extra coverage to any redness that I had. I have a scar on my face due to mole removal and it seemed to cover it to my liking. I’m trying to ween myself off of wearing high coverage foundations and this makes my skin still look like my actual skin. Since it’s humid and hot in NYC, this has a more of a dewy finish. I’ll have to test this out in the winter to see how it stays on, but it’s pretty good in the heat of summer. I’m not entirely sure how it helps with acne but it covers whatever spots I have pretty well. Overall, I really like this product and I’ll be using this for the rest of the summer. Thank you influenster for providing me with the opportunity to try out these products!!
Meilin S.
6 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Review for: NEUTRAL IVORY 2N more...
Here's fun fact: the original BareMinerals foundation was one of my first high-end makeup purchases way back when I was in middle school.

I mean, okay -- BareMinerals isn't super high-end and it's not budget-breakingly expensive, but it was to me when I was 13. I was getting $7 a week in allowance from my parents, so a $30 purchase like the BareMinerals foundation was a big deal -- if you think about it, that was over a month of allowance for me.

The sad bit was that I didn't really like it that much -- the lady in Ulta who shade-matched me didn't do a great job because I found that after I got home and actually started using it, it was much too dark and orange-y. I also remember oxidation issues, with the foundation durning even darker and more orange as the day went on.

It made it practically useless, so even though I didn't have any problems with the product itself, I wasn't able to ever really wear it. And since I was 13 and only getting $7 a week, it didn't make any sense to take the risk of another month's money on another shade of the foundation that still might not match me properly.

So I guess you could call my attitude towards BareMinerals when I received my Influenster VoxBox was fairly mixed. On one hand, I do remember liking the coverage and texture of the product itself, and I still do rather enjoy the stick concealer I was sent for review earlier this year, but on the other, I was never able to get my money's worth out of the original foundation, and I'm still a little sad about that. I think it's still sitting in the back of my makeup drawer, practically unused.

But I tried to go into the review with an unbiased mind -- impossible, I guess, but still worth making an effort to do. It wouldn't be fair for me to judge this new product using my bad experience from six years ago.

In my VoxBox, I received the new BareMinerals Blemish Rescue Skin-Clearing Loose Powder Foundation in Neutral Ivory,  the Skin-Clearing Anti-Redness Mattifying Primer, and Seamless Buffing Brush with Antibacterial Charcoal. Altogether, it's about $83 worth of product, so I've got to give it to BareMinerals for being super generous.

Firstly, as these products are marketed for their skincare benefits as well as their general cosmetic use, allow me to give some background on my skin. It's best described as combination. My biggest issues are mild acne and sensitivity. I'm 19, nearly 20, so my pimples aren't quite as bad as they were when I was 13, but they haven't really gone away entirely either. It's mild enough that with good makeup, I can pretty much cover up everything I need to, but without, it's pretty obvious that I have a smattering of pimples on my temples and between my eyebrows. The worst for me is when, due to the benzoyl peroxide spot treatment I use, I wind up with a patch of dry skin surrounding a pimple that hasn't yet gone away. An ideal foundation for me would be light enough that I could use it on the parts of my face that don't really have any issues to smooth away the mild imperfections, but buildable enough that I could apply it to my acne-prone areas and conceal them without highlighting the dryness there.

Now onto the review -- I'll go in order of application, so let's begin with the primer. Out of the tube, it's a green paste-to-gel -like substance meant to correct ruddy tones in the skin. I assume it would appeal to people with acne all-over as it would, in theory, correct the redness of pimples.

I'm no stranger to green color correcting products. There was a time in middle school where I used a green concealer religiously to conceal redness on my cheeks. I never really got into green primers though, as I generally found that the color-correcting properties of a green product were best when used sparingly, but in concentrated amounts, rather than all-over. I believe the same rings true for this product. I just don't think the green is strong enough to do anything. As for the other qualities of a primer -- texture, staying power, mattifying-effect -- I'd say it's just average. It's not bad, but there's better out there.

The foundation turned out to be the pleasant surprise of this review. I had wondered if I would have the same oxidation issues I'd had with the original Bare Minerals foundation, but I have not had that problem at all. The color is slightly darker than I would have chosen for myself, but it's not so far off that I can't use it.
The best part was easily the buildability and texture. It did just what I wanted it to -- went on light on my less-problematic areas, and built up to heavier coverage with some stippling in my acne-prone areas. For that, I have to give it credit.

The worst part is an issue not exclusive to this product, but that applies to all powder foundations -- it's messy to put on. If you're looking for something to just slap on and go, this is not it. While application itself isn't too hard -- I just buff it on, with a bit of stippling for more coverage -- it's getting the powder out of the container and onto the brush that's difficult to do with being messy.

As for the brush, it, like the primer, is perfectly serviceable. Not great -- there are better buffing brushes out there for less money (I personally like the Real Techniques buffing brush). But this one's soft, picks up product well, and is stiff-enough for buffing, so it functions as it is supposed to. My main complaint is the shape -- it's short and fat, so it doesn't fit in my brush-holder with the rest of my brushes. I can't really speak to the "antibacterial charcoal" claims. It sounds like a label they just slapped on there to make it seem more hygienic, but I don't know -- maybe the charcoal really is more sanitary.

Finally, what about the skincare benefits? Did I find that my acne improved thanks to using this product?

Well...I don't know. To be honest, I didn't use it for long enough to be able to assess its long-term skincare effects. Additionally, one's skin condition is affected by such a wide variety of factors that I don't know if I'd see the effects unless they were drastic and fast. Which, for this product, they weren't -- that's not to say there wouldn't potentially be benefits from long term use, but I just can't say with the few days I've taken over the last month to test this out. Alternatively, maybe my acne would get worse. I just don't know.

All I can assess this product fairly on is on its ability to function as a foundation. And you know what? It's actually pretty nice. It's way better than the original Bare Minerals powder I tried out six years ago, and I would say that if you, like me, didn't really like that one, you may still find that this new one is a pretty decent product. You could probably pass on the brush and the primer though. They're serviceable, but there are better options out there for less money.




Perfectly serviceable


Why settle for serviceable when you could find something for less money that works better? (I'm personally a fan of the Revlon Photoready Primer)



Light-to-medium buildable coverage

Doesn't oxidize!

Wide range of color selections

Smooths over my dry patches without emphasizing them


Messy, time-consuming application



Perfectly serviceable


Why settle for serviceable when you could find something for less money that works better? (In my opinion, the Real Techniques buffing brush is a good substitute)

Have you tried the new BareMinerals Blemish Rescue collection? Or do you have any suggestions for your favorite foundations? Let me know your thoughts below!
Morgan L.
Mc Donald, OH
20 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
So I just received this product in my VoxBox and I honestly was a little nervous to try it out because I’ve never used a powder foundation before. The foundation is easy to use and a little goes a long way. The coverage is light to medium but definitely covered up all of my red spots and places that I have discoloration on my skin, which is definitely something I look for in a foundation. Since the foundation is a powder, you’re going to look very VERY matte, and if you have oily skin this product would be a holy grail for you. It really is the “no makeup” foundation as it didn’t seem like I had anything on my face at all. I prefer a more natural finish, so after applying the foundation I sprayed my face with my Evian Brumisateur facial spray to give my skin a subtle dewy finish. Also, since it is a powder foundation, I was curious to see how a cream concealer would apply over it, and as you could’ve guessed it didn’t look too great. If you’re looking to highlight or conceal with this foundation I would definitely recommend investing in a brightening powder! The only other thing is that the foundation does leave a cast on your eyebrows (which was expected), so I would recommend filling them in after applying the foundation if you plan on touching your eyebrows up a bit. Overall I genuinely enjoyed this foundation as it was super easy to apply and genuinely looks like I don’t have an ounce of makeup on my face. This product will be a go to when my acne starts to flare up a bit or just any day that I feel like wearing a little bit of makeup, but not too much. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.
Graciel B.
Sylmar, CA
4 reviews
I was so happy that i got to try bare minerals products that fits my daily needs. I’ve heard how great this brand is but i have never owned one. First of all the box was pretty cute. I got the shade medium beige 2.5N and it actually fit well with my skin tone. The foundation goes on very light for me, which i like because as much as possible i like less makeup on. it doesn’t really cover up much of the dark acne scars i have but it balances my skin tone overall along with the primer it came with. As for the real purpose of this acne-mediated product, i have tried it first for 2-3 weeks to see the results. i’m glad it didn’t break me out and it reduced my inflamed pimples that were already there , before i got this product. I also love love love the buffing brush! This is best brush i have ever owned and anti-bacterial charcoal is such a plus. It’s very soft and fluffy. The reason i gave it 4 stars though, because it cannot hold the oiliness of my face for so long. I have a combination skin, very dry at first then gets so oily after a few hours. When i used this product, i noticed that i looked so oily already within an hour, compared to my other light liquid foundations that really does oil-control. This product, not much.

I got this for free for testing purposes.
Arianna R.
Duarte, CA
314 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 4
Bareminerals Blemish Rescue Skin Clearing Loose Powder FoundationBareminerals Blemish Rescue Skin Clearing Anti Redness Mattifying PrimerBareminerals Seamless Buffing Blush With Antibacterial Charcoal

This trio by bareMinerals is my new holy grail! My favorite product out of the 3 has to be the mattifying primer because it really did help me with the redness and also to keep me looking matte all day! I went to Disneyland on one of Southern California’s hottest days, and it kept my makeup in place! The Foundation was also amazing and i will definitely keep using it on days where i don’t want to wear full coverage, heavy makeup, although this loose powder foundation has amazing coverage as well! The brush it came with makes everything look seamless and well put together! Ultimately i do recommend these products for people who have acne problem, redness, or basically any type of blemishes one wants to cover up!
9 reviews
I've never tried powder foundations before so I was really excited to try this one out when I received it as a complimentary product from Influenster! I wouldn't say this is a full coverage foundation, but more light to medium coverage because even after going over some areas 3 or 4 times you could still see some of my acne scars/hyperpigmentation peeking through. I do use the buffing brush that is part of this collection & haven't tried applying it with any other brushes. This foundation is super quick and easy to apply so definitely a great product for on-the-go. Overall, it really smoothes out the skin, evens skin tone, and doesn't cling to or emphasize any dry areas while also looking extremely natural and feels skin-like. The packaging looks clean and is travel-friendly especially since it has the spinning cap on top that prevents powder from flying everywhere in the container when not in use. After using the foundation consistently for over 2 weeks, I haven't noticed any significant differences with my skin in terms of acne but the foundation also hasn't caused me to break out which is a plus. Though I'm typically a fan of liquid foundations and will continue to use those especially for special occasions, this foundation is great for those natural days when you're just going to class, running errands, etc. and has quickly replaced my day-to-day liquid foundation. Would definitely recommend this to my friends!
Megan D.
26 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
I'm going to start by saying that I received this complimentary from Influenster to review. I love that there's product geared towards people like me with acne prone skin!

However, I feel like this product is misleading. This is why I gave it one less star. It won't clear your skin unless you use the product everyday. Even then, having a good skincare routine will go a long way. I haven't used it long enough to know long term effects (plus I don't wear makeup everyday). But I do think this is a great option for those who do like to wear makeup everyday but also suffer from acne-prone skin.

Onto the product itself... I've never used a powder foundation before. I have oily skin so I've always wanted to try but was pretty nervous about spending the money on something I may or may not hate. But honestly, I love it. The color match was amazing on me and it was so easy to use! I would say it's a medium coverage. You could probably build it up some more if you wanted to. And of course it is a powder foundation so it will look cakey, but nothing a setting/finishing spray can't fix. It did do a great job of covering my redness though. Only other con is how messy it can be. But that's the con of powders, not this specific product.

Overall, I enjoyed this product and will start using this when I wear makeup during the daytime because of the nice, natural looking finish!
Nadine O.
Wexford, PA
53 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
This foundation is honestly not my favorite. It is very light coverage, which is admirable nice and great for school, but being a powder foundation it is messy to apply, takes a while to build up, and the container gets a lot of product stuck in it. Overall I feel like a lot of the product is being wasted. While it does not clog my pores, it does emphasize them as well as any flakes of dry skin so make sure to moisturize before if you are going to use this product. The shade medium beige is a perfect match for me so that is nice and it does do a decent job at evening out my skin tone so if you are looking for something to do that, then it is great, but don’t expect it to cover your acne like a full coverage liquid would. I haven’t seen a notable decrease in my acne but I haven’t been using it for too long, but it hasn’t made my skin any worse. It is not transfer proof, but does last the full school day. Overall it is not bad and I will probably reach for for school, but it isn’t life changing either.
Carolyn A.
San Jose
6 reviews
I have freckles on my face that have darkened since I’ve aged. I also have random breakouts but not as bad as i had it in my 20s. How good is this product at covering up my old scars and age spots? bareMinerals Blemish Rescue Skin-Clearing Loose Powder Foundation
Wendy B.
Chicago, IL
596 reviews
I have pimples. Does this covers it up?
vincent l.
Sanger, CA
65 reviews
Can anyone tell me about this product? And does it really help with breakouts?
How is this product for oily skin? Also, how transfer resistant is it, i have a tendency to have foundations that just rub off at the end of the day it need it to last!
Brianna D.
Glen Burnie , MD
48 reviews
does this actually help with reducing acne ?

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