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Banquet Turkey Pot Pie

Banquet Turkey Pot Pie


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The Banquet turkey pot pie is delicious! It’s small but it’s perfect for a small meal or a snack. The crust is flaky and better when you put it in the stove versus microwaving. The creamy part has plenty of sauce and the vegetables are fresh. I do recommend it!
I have recently bought Banquet Turkey pot pies. Some pot pies had crust and others had crust missing from the sides and bottom. The picture on the packaging CLEARLY shows that the pot pie is “surrounded” in pie crust. I am COMPLETELY dissatisfied with my past purchases. I am paying full price for a food item which clearly does NOT reflect as shown!!! Is this a way to give customers less product and value as your company fattens its profit margin! Oh….And, I have pictures of the cooked product for you to reference.
These are so good. Lunch, dinner, snack. Any day food. The crust is super yummy! The gravy type mixed in with the food...OMG so good! I stock pile these delicious dishes.
What kind of meat do you prefer in your pot pies?
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