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Ballast Point Sculpin Unfiltered IPA Craft Beer
Ballast Point

Ballast Point Sculpin Unfiltered IPA Craft Beer


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Stumbled across this brewery while traveling and this is now my favorite IPA. Such great flavor and not too heavy on the hops. I highly suggest going to the brewery of you’re near one of their locations. Best brewery I’ve ever been to.. and I’ve been to a lot, haha. This beer is somewhat hard to find but we’ve found it at Total Wine.
Great local Southern California brewery. They have many great beers but the sculpin is the most ready available where beer is sold it’s great tasting at a good price! I would highly recommend if you can find them and you like ipa buy them they won’t be a disappointment !
This is such a good craft beer. Ballast Point has easily become a favorite of mine in the beer department. The notes are light and citrusy. Somewhat “floral,” as well. One of the best IPA’s.
How long have you been drinking this brand? How many is enough? How does it make you feel? When/why would you drink this brand of beer? Top 5 beers? Worth the price?
I've heard that this is a great IPA. Is it worth it to try?
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