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Back To Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Back to Nature

Back To Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies


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These cookies are delicious! The box has changed, which doesn’t matter much to me. The cookies themselves are very good! They are just the right crunch and just sweet enough!
These taste really good. They taste like regular chocolate chunk cookies. I definitely recommend these. You do not need to be a vegan to enjoy these cookies.
These are the most amazing little cookies. They have just enough crunch and tons of chocolate chunks in each one. I do not like the change in the inner packaging. The plastic tray is a pain and horribly noisy. How do you expect me to sneak my cookies without people hearing that racket LOL. But these are great. I buy them frequently and highly recommend them for the chocolate chip cookie lover.[product:back-to-nature-chocolate-chunk-cookies]
Are these made with natural ingredients?
Does anyone know what the sugar content on one of these cookies is?
Always been a fan of chocolate chunk anything. Have never had these. Are they all natural? And most important are they good?
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