How does this work? is it dry or liquid formula? How old does the child have to be to consume?
Fresno, CA - 4 years ago

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This is dry formula:) I actually gave my daughter similac at first until she was 6 to 7 months old, and she would spit up the chunky formula up (which I was told would happen with formula). Also i would go about 3 to 4 days with the big can of similac. My baby just constently drank and drank.My friend recommended this, and had told me that I can get one can "free" (you have to pay the shipping and handling). I had no trouble mixing the formula with water (I find it harder to mix the similac with water). I actually tasted it a little and it has a vanilla flavor. The result was really awesome. My baby lovveees the formula!! She hasn't spit up the chunks of formula as well. I think shes so much more happier now then she was on the similac.
3 years ago
This is a dry formula. Also, it is approved for infants and only labeled a toddler formula to promote breastfeeding for the first year. Their website has a lot of great information, but I also found some excellent reviews on various comparison websites. This is one of the best organic formulas easy available in the US.
4 years ago
It's a dry powder. I tried giving it to my baby at 7 weeks old and it made her constipated. I read that it's marketed as "toddler formula" to encourage breastfeeding for the first year which is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. No matter how they had marketed it, that wasn't going to be the deciding factor for me when it came to breastfeeding...all it does is raise questions about whether or not it's right for infants. But I was told that it has way too much iron for infants and that it shouldn't be used until they're much older.
4 years ago