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Baby Trend Jogging Stroller & Car Seat:
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Baby Trend Jogging Stroller & Car Seat:


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I like this stroller, it has a lot of room for you to store your backpack, a lunch bag and a couple of sweaters. It’s big enough for a 2-4yr old that weighs between 40 to 50lbs. The only thing I don’t like is the snack tray, it doesn’t lock properly. The wheels are sturdy and strong to roll all over a theme park. Try it out moms👍🏼
bought this after several review and need to get away from another popular and more expensive brand. it was d best choice in my parenting journey. lightweight and easy to setup. it made moving around with my baby and other kids easier. i do recommend this for every new parent out there
This is our go everywhere do everything stroller. We love how durable it is for going on hikes and taking on all terrains. The baby seat is nice and not too heavy. We got two bases, one for each of our cars and it made it super easy for us to trade off dropping off the baby at daycare and picking him up.
I do a lot of walking off the path in the woods and on bumpy path if it's any good on these kind of timing as I found out I go to a lot of pushchairs?
Is this a good car seat brand and is it comfortable and safe for baby’s?
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