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Babor Cleansing CP Gel and Tonic 2 in 1 6.763 oz

Babor Cleansing CP Gel and Tonic 2 in 1 6.763 oz


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I've been using this cleanser for a couple of days now so I can't say how's its gonna work in a long run. First impressions : Nice, inoffensive bulbegummy minty smell. The dispenser releases the product sparingly, what indicates that I will use it a good couple of month's. I prefer my face cleansers to lather, which isn't really the case here. It removes oil pretty effectively and doesn't dry out or irritate the skin. In combination with my other babor skin care my skin hast cleared out, it looks fresher and less dull,. It works a lot better than cleansers from drugstore, I haven't had any skin purging, irritations. Overall it's a great product for normal to oily skin. For dry skin galls it could be to harsh. It's on a pricier side and doesn't do wonders or has immediate results, but if you just want a quality product with good ingredients it's something you could try.
I use this cleanser during my morning showers or on lazy nights when I don't have super heavy makeup or haven't been outside all day. It has a slight minty smell but nothing too invasive. It's a gel cleanser oh, it doesn't foam up that much which I am fine with since foaming cleansers tend to dry out my skin. This cleanser doesn't strip my skin but does Make Me Feel clean and leaves my skin feeling supple. It's a nice Quick One Step cleansing for daily use.
Babor products are great for any time of skin. You can include it in your daily routine and rest assured you will have a clean and balanced skin.

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