Has this been successful for anyone in bladder control or weight loss? I didn't notice any effect.
9 months ago
21 answers
I haven’t really had any success with this at all! I was so [email protected] try it too, and the end result was a it disappointing.
Toledo, OH - 6 months ago
I have not notice anything for weight loss, but great for bladder
Haskell, OK - 7 months ago
it did help me with bladder control but i am not sure about weight loss i havent noticed.
Lake Linden, MI - 8 months ago
Not a difference in weight loss but good bladder control
Holmes, PA - 8 months ago
I haven't really noticed much of a difference with weight loss. As far as bladder control it does seem to help.
Wilkes Barre, PA - 8 months ago
It definitely made a difference with urgency, but I don't feel that it made much difference in appetite.
8 months ago
bladder control...a little. weight loss? I didn't really notice, but then again, I like to eat.
chicago, IL - 9 months ago