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Azelaic Acid 10% Suspension...
2475 Reviews
Been using this product for 3 months now and have seen little to no results. Don’t think I will be repurchasing since I haven’t noticed any difference in my skin.
Didn’t really love this one. It is kinda thick so you cannot spread it out very easily. It also feels like I have some sort of layer on my skin and it will become pilly after a few minutes. I also think it is breaking me out :(
Ist eine gute und preiswerte Alternative zu den anderen Azelain-Säuren auf dem Markt. Man kann es unter allem oder über allem auftragen, weil sich dieser Wirkstoff mit allen anderen sehr gut verträgt. Hatte schon nach einer Woche das Gefühl, dass meine Maler sich leicht aufgehängt haben 
As someone with sensitive and textured skin, I was looking for something that would have some brightening power. I use this twice a day and I can definitely notice a difference and brightness to my skin. Best part is that it’s affordable!
I love this product so much because it’s helped changed the complexion and appearance of my skin. I had a lot a acne scars in the beginning of 2022 and they’ve almost completely gone away.
Change in my skin was so noticeable, friends and family say I’m sacrificing chickens to look younger! 😂 Keep on hand!
Yo tengo piel grasa y ugar de ayudarme me saco más granos y me Lastimo la cara muy feo no lo recomiendo.
This was one of the only products that made my hyperpigmentation disappear and I had to circle back to it after trying to find something else for a year
This cream is great for hyperpigmentation I noticed it brightened my complexion and my acne spots also made skin very soft it’s overall 10/10!!!
This is a great azelaic acid for the price! I like to use it when I get dark spots from pimples and I’m breaking out. I find that it helps break ours come to the surface quicker, as well as fading my dark sports pretty quickly!