Who else can eat a plain avocado ? Have y’all ever used it for a hair treatment?
Concord, CA - il y a 2 mois

8 answers

I can!!
il y a 6 jours
Yes, mixed with coconut oil as a nourishing hair mask.
il y a 23 jours
I've never used an avocado for a hair treatment but I've thought about trying that someday. I sometimes like to cut an avocado in half and eat with a spoon. They're so good plain or any other prepared way to me!
il y a un mois
I have never used it for the hair but yes love them plain with a little salt..
il y a un mois
The best treatment for your health, also your face combined with olive oil
il y a un mois
Love plain ones it the best way to go
il y a 2 mois
Yes and yes… I also cook with Avacado oil.
il y a 2 mois