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One of my worst experiences with a car rental company. My wife had paid for the rental in advance so all we had to do is pick up the vehicle at the San Antonio airport. When go to pick it up the staff tells us we have to tent the vehicle up to the day we leave even though we didn't need to, so we get charged for an extra 2 days. Then we are told we need a credit card to complete the process, even though we already had paid with a debit card, if we want drop off the vehicle early. Finally, they tell us we were declined due to my wife not passing a soft credit check. What?! Have never seen this. So we had to walk away without a vehicle we already paid for and needed for a 4 hour drive at 1am, having just got into San Antonio. Then we find out we were charged full price twice and have to wait 5 business days for close to $2000 Avis charged us. Horrendous. We were able to get a rental in 5 min. From Enterprise that was luckily still open 3 stalls down from Avis. And we will seek legal action if our money is not returned.
My husband had an agreement with them for six months. Picked up the car at Avis Saint Louis Missouri airport. We were never notified of any issues with our contract or the car. A few days ago, months before returning time a towing truck showed up at our residence after 10 pm and picked up the car. The guy wouldn’t let us get any closer to ask any questions and refused to let get our belongings out of it. Started acting like crazy and made a scene in front of everyone. Calling us thieves for driving a stolen car. Before we could tell what’s happening he was gone. We had to wait until next morning to start making phone calls to the useless poor customer service. Up until now no one has come up with a reasonable explanation to all of this. No one is willing to provide no information or help us recover our stuff. The only thing they can do is “apologize for your inconvenience” and give you another phone number to call where obviously no one would pick up or return a phone call. Still trying to recover from this horrific experience. As long as I live I will recommend people to stay away from this crappy company. Most definitely stay away from this specific location. Find alternative or rather walk by foot.
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How are they versus other car rental places?
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