I am looking for a facial wash to use after removing my makeup at night. I need something that could not only clean out my pores, but also improve my dry skin. I've used Aveeno products before and liked them. Has anyone used this product for cleaning their face and helping with dry skin? Thanks!
Belmont, NC - il y a 6 ans

2 answers

This isn't one of the most hydrating products out there and it's not the worst out there either. I think you could use it to cleanse your face, as long as you use a hydrating moisturizer right after!
il y a 6 ans
I didn't find that this did much for my dryness unfortunately, the best I've used is the Ole Henricksen African Red Tea Cleanser.. It takes off EVERYTHING and really gets my skin perfectly clean and you can feel how soft and hydrating it is! It's a little pricier but sooooo worth it
il y a 6 ans